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LNG/LCNG Fueling Stations

Based on many years of manufacturing experience, Chart Ferox developed and supplied LNG/LCNG permanent vehicle fueling stations for heavy trucks, buses and passenger cars.


  • Modular fueling station concept based on customer request
  • LNG plus LCNG technologies included in the one station
  • LNG/LCNG station serve LNG and CNG vehicles
  • Environmental friendly solution recommended for big cities and natural protected areas
  • Low maintenance & operational cost

LNG Stations

  • LNG Loading connection
  • Storage Tank
  • Cryogenic Pump Skid
  • LNG DYNAFLOW 3000 DISPENSER (technical details)

LNG stations serve vehicle fleets, operating directly on LNG onboard. Heavy-duty trucks, busses, refuse vehicles and frequently operated fleet vehicles such as taxis are typical vehicles with great potential for LNG fueling. Compared to much more traditional CNG systems, LNG enables lower vehicle dead weight and longer runs because of its high density and low pressure. Centrifugal pumps ensure delivery of LNG into vehicles with the same speed, as high performance petrol pumps. LNG Dynaflow 3000 dispenser provides operators with accurate, real-time dynamic density measurement, which assures accurate mass flow calculation.

LCNG Fueling Stations

  • LNG Loading connection
  • Storage Tank
  • High Pressure Cryogenic Pump
  • High Pressure Ambient Vaporizers
  • Odorizer
  • CNG Storage
  • CNG Dispenser and Station Control System

LCNG stations can use LNG to support the operation of existing CNG vehicles. High-pressure piston pumps deliver LNG into atmospheric vaporizers and buffers so that CNG vehicles can be refueled quickly.

Both the LNG and LCNG Chart Ferox stations are well customized for easy and self-service operation.

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